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Let Us Collect Your Bad Checks For You!

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Jerry Jones - serving visitors
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Give our customer service office a call now, and we will put you in touch with Jerry Jones, one of CybrCollect/Payliance top Account Manager representatives who has been assigned to work with visitors. He will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding this great service for landlords or to help set up your account and help you start getting all money due you!

How the Service Works….. By using a special Centralized Returns endorsement stamp to deposit your checks, bounced checks are no longer returned to your bank where you are charged a bank bounce fee (typically $10.00 to $30.00). Instead, bounced checks are forwarded directly to CybrCollect / Payliance Centralized Return bank, where checks are converted to an electronic image transaction. CybrCollect/ Payliance contacts the check writers banks directly to verify funds. When funds are available, your check is electronically collected and deposited in your bank account. CybrCollect / Payliance is paid a state-legislated processing fee from the bad check writer. Banks pay electronic transactions before paper checks, so YOU get YOUR money FIRST. Closed Account checks, Stop Payment checks and checks over $2,500 are collected by our affiliate attorneys at prominent national collection law firms, and the bad check writer pays the legal fees!

Be sure to let Jerry know you heard about this service through, so that bank bounce fees normally charged to you the landlord will be reduced and you will receive the MrLandlord BOUNCED CHECK FEE REDUCTION PROGRAM. has arranged for bank bounce fees to be reduced for our visitors who select "YES" to the the Express Services Agreement, so that your check will go through the banking system faster (so you get your money faster). Your only cost is a one-time minimal cost for a check endorsement stamp of ($25.00) for the express service. And thanks to MrLandlord, you will only be charged $3.00 of the normal $10.00 - $20.00 plus bank bounce fee.

Call now and ask for Jerry with CybrCollect. When you to talk with Jerry, ask him to have send you a free special report - How To Handle 50 Most Costly Problems Landlords Face - as a bonus gift for signing up for the free service. Also let Jerry know if you already have one or two bad checks now that you need immediate collection help with. Call 1-512-282-3919 and ask for Jerry Jones or simply fill out and fax or email the forms on the sign-up page button below.

His direct email is

To sign up for our free check collection service you must fax CybrCollect signed application and bank authorization forms. 
   To begin the signup process you may either :
Print blank application forms for faxing.
  - or -
Fill out the application forms online for faxing. 
(Your company information will automatically print on the form.)


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